Sullivan Baccam

RE/MAX Concepts

Mailing Address 2203 Grand Ave
Des Moines, IA 50312-5305
Office Phone (877) 407-2676

Born to immigrants, raised in Iowa! I'm the youngest of eight children.

I'm a husband to an amazing woman and a father to four wonderful kids. Both my wife and I were born in Des Moines and continue to dig our roots in our communities. We love Iowa and are proud of the growth and excitement Iowans bring to our state. I've been involved in the real estate market since 2008 renovating houses and then became a full-time Real Estate Agent in 2013

My goal as a Realtor is to provide every client with the type of experience you can remember for the rest of your lives. Purchasing or selling a home whether it be your first or your last, is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. I want to be "that" Realtor you're able to look back on to remember the process as being smooth, easy and fun.

I promise to treat your situation as if I were in your shoes. I'll never settle and I'll always work until the job is finished. I'll take the lessons I've learned from being the youngest of eight children, by surviving and seizing the opportunity when presented. I'll push myself to limits and set high goals as if I were competing for a gold medal. Understand I'll do whatever I can within my limits to successfully negotiate the sell or purchase of your real estate. I want to create a life long relationship out of our transaction. Let me be a part of your journey whether it be your first or your last.

Fun Facts:
-I look as old as I did in highschool.
-I train in Mixed Martial Arts
-I love chocolate.
-Almost anything can be learned on Youtube
-I'm a foodie.
-I was my high school Class President ( DM North High, 2000).
-My high school wrestling record was 143 wins to 18 losses. (I like to win)
-I'm committed to excellence
-I believe anything is possible when you apply yourself.
-Three rules to live by: #1 Attitude; #2 Do the right thing; #3 Do everything at the best of your ability.


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